Ghostbuster obtains all the DNS
Ghostbuster obtains all the DNS

Ghostbuster obtains all the DNS

Eliminate dangling elastic IPs by performing analysis on your resources within all your AWS accounts.

Ghostbuster obtains all the DNS records present in all of your AWS accounts (Route53), and can optionally take in records via CSV input, or via Cloudflare.

After these records are collected, Ghostbuster iterates through all of your AWS Elastic IPs and Network Interface Public IPs and collects this data.

By having a complete picture of the DNS records (from route53, file input or cloudflare) and having a complete picture of the AWS IPs owned by your organization, this tool can detect subdomains that are pointing to dangling elastic IPs (IPs you no longer own).

The problem

When you are deploying infrastructure to AWS, you may spin up EC2 instances which have an IP associated with them. When you create DNS records pointing to these IPs, but forget to remove the DNS records after the EC2 instance has been given a new IP or destroyed, you are susceptible to subdomain takeover attacks.

There has been a great amount of research done on elastic IP takeovers, where it is possible for attackers to continually claim elastic IPs until they obtain an IP associated with a subdomain of the company they are targeting.